second awesome nite..><

my second nite out was with joyful jo ee, lame boontut and funny ah meng.. it might be just four of us.. but it sure is fun around them..x) well,we kind de got sio sio dat day.. *but u got to admit is fun being crazy some times..* especially with people like them..x) ***** well,first we all gather up at jo ee house.. den we went to de playground.. we were jumping here and der like we're still in kindergarten..x) look i'll show u..x) told u..x) look der is more..^^ group it!! x) it was a real candid..x) jus look at it!! so pretty!! x) anyone up for a splash? don mind me n my fantasy..x) jo ee!! x) after going soi soi n being childish for abour an hour.. we were on our way to steamboat.. getting hungry..x) we were no any different as PIGSS..oik oik.. *is not dat much food tho* de camera is jus doing a great job..x) yummy!! yea u tell them baby.. i love tis pic so much!!x) n also de people in it of cause..xP after a finger licking yummy steamboat.. we make our way to erm.. *we have no idea where r we going actually*x) jus going with de flow.. after wondering around like sesat poeple.. we made our way to *the curve/laundry*x) well,picture says it all..x) after laundry we went back to jo ee house again to chill..x) comhore again.x) lolx!! jo ee..x) no comment..x) well,i guess that is jus it.. de second best nite..x)

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