jus a lil while of slacking mayb..

AHH..there's just too much to talk abt..
o hi der..x)
sry to start of with a dramatic side of me..
ok back to studying..
erm,i mean blogging..
ughh..studying is jus taking over my brain most of de day n time through out de hols..
cant help it..de book was like super glue to my hands..
ok i'm kind de not telling de truth..xP
my england is getting so de cacated ah now days..
ok now i jus sound like a retard..xP
anyway i noe i really should be studyin rite now..
but cant help it some times..
jus a lil while of slacking..pls..x)


was bor at dadi office..x)anyway,dadi office opening ceremony went well..
haha..de funny thing is i get to meet up jon..x)
haha is a finally day for him..
n is a fun day for ours..
*with joanna being herself der why wouldn't it*love u babe..x)
joanna actually stay over for 6days n 6nites if i'm not mistaken..x)
n she make my hols so much more memorable n much more siao siao..
joanna left last nite..T.T
felt so quiet all of a sudden..aww,miss u already babe..
she most probably would b at penang now..x)
have fun babe..b safe..love ya!!^^
moving on..x)
i actually have to stop half way while i was blogging..
bcause mami n dadi came out n stand rite behind me..
actually de biggest reason i was online because of dadi..
he wanted me to teach him 'poker' on fb..
so i can put de blame on him dat i'm actually slacking now..x)
ok i noe noe..i shouldnt..
i'm actually checking out de net for all de ''GIRLS design rooms''
gosh i tell you..when u see them..
i mean gals only..u guys will melt..
i so hav to earn more money when i grow up n design a room or mayb my house..
n in de future..my lovely son n daughter..
gonna give them a crazy bathroom dat all their friends will b so envy at them..x)
i'm such a dreamer..@.@
here r just some of my personal fav i jus surf from de net..x)

don copy k?xD *joking*


o yea tis is actually on de 12 of September..
me n joanna camhore session..xP
dat nite term was *skol gal*
we were..err..really..really..going crazy..like really crazy..
i'm not gonna say any..
let de pic do de talking..x)
tis is jus some of de 40pic we took dat nite..x)

she love's it..too bad she never get to wear dat in her skol..xP
who ask u to go private skol..x)
see wat skol can give my eyes?
hmm,tis is jus some of de things i wanna say..
gonna continue..erm,after doom day?
we'll see..x)
ook brother is bagging none stop..
really gtg now..bye poeple..
don forget to study hard!! ^^

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