need more self-control!!><

2 Sept
on 2 of sept i was having my geo paper..
well,the funny thing is i just cant believe i felt asleep after doing only 4qesti
*what a pig*
*oik oik*i think i only slept for a few mins.. all thanks to pn.rusma my sc teacher..
she woke me up*i guess she didnt caught the ''do not disturb'' sign*
well,she didnt scold me or hit me..
but instant she wakes me up and gave me a sweet smile..=)
she said
: u sleeping?
i said : yea last nite was burning midnite oil..
den she just smile n walks away..
how sweet..x)
well,dats ju
s it..x)


on dat nite i was nerddying..again jus den i felt like playing de guitar..x) cant believe after a few trillion years i still rmb how to play a lil bit of *canon* & *right here waiting* is a old song..x) wanted for new song!! x)

******************* 3 Sept the busting in!!
weiser kind de ran out of food..
so i feed him *bread & apple*
glad dat he likes it..alot..x)
at first i only feed him with 2 pieces of bread..*doesn't seem to be enough for my piggy dog*
so as i went in de house to get some more..
i didnt realize the door beh
ind me wasn't shut..
so this is where de busting in happen..
he*weiser* ran into de house as soon as i saw him!!
he was already on his way up de stair..
well,at dat time my room was wide open like there's a big sign saying

he went for a tour around my room..
thinking how much it has change seen de last time he step a paw on it..
*i should noe he was looking around n around like a cute lil tourist..x)
i got tired trying to caught him..
so i kind de just lay down at the floor..
he stop running and came right beside n join me..
it really remind me of old times..
when his still around in de house..
always around whenever i'm sad or angry..
but most of de time i enjoy staying at home is when his around..
dats de happy time..x)
he might not be able to talk and might not give advise at the saddest time..
but he sure is de one dat got me thought all de bad times..x)
love you baby!! =)


today i had my sej paper..
well,most of de people kind de sleep first..
den after waking up only start doing..
wat can i say?
sej make me best pillow in class!!
rite? wink wink!!


drama club!! >< didnt even get the chance to go for de audition..T.T
parents didnt let..zzz..
when i ask them..
they jus start giving me reasons..
saying why i shouldnt join tis year..
hmm,i understand tho..
ok mami n dadi i wont join tis year alrite? x)


5 Sept
haha..weiser got a hair cut today!!
he looks handsome as usual..x)
well,my tuition teacher gave me a free class today..
she's helping me to get an A for my maths..
*thanks teacher!! finger crossing tightly hoping to really get an A*^^
ugh!!! jus glad today is friday..
i could finally rest my insanely big head after all those nerddy-ing..
GRR!!! eye bags are killing me i tell u..T.T
it better be worth it after burning late nite oil every nite..T.T

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