self control..

i need more self control!! like seriously!! i should be studying now..
but instant i'm blogging..owhwell..
well,was kind de thinking abt turning my blog into private..*wat do u think?* =/
hmm,my heart n my mind is telling me yes err no err mayb yes..
*o whatever you decide for k?many thanks* x)
today mum gave me her very known everyday popular wake up call again..
*open my heavy eyes n is 8a.m in de morning!!*
mum : wake up!! faster faster..
me : mum pls 5 more min...
*eyes was shut tight together n talk like i just came back from a run at de great wall of china*
yea sure denise..yea.........

yea sure denise..of cause of jus get better doesnt it?

oops..out of topic..x)
aww!! i so beautiful..mine mine be mine!! x)
*pls don mind me n my fantasy..*

now i noe why i need five more mins..xD

ok after telling my mum ''5for mins'' for over 10times..
i got up n when down stairs to get my breakfast n bring it up to my room..

*gosh i feel like a princess*xD i noe mum would say this...

dat guy is hot..
de gal is pretty n lucky..hahaha..xD
*so got to control my imagination..*O.O

while having my breakfast on my study table..
not bed~~xD
was studying sc.. love it!! is one of my fav subj..
is really fascinating n interesting..
o look pretty..
jus like wat cindy say!!

heavy big fat pig ring me up and said oik oik tis morning..
*pig morning my afternoon*
was slacking alot tho while studying..
don feel like i've learn anything..
i noe dats really really bad..
thanks god tomorrow is sunday..
one more day for me to study..

den de next day is one day closer to doom day..@.@
i'm so gonna commit suicide n meet up with micheal jackson..
which is a good thing..

because i can go see his concert..xD
*ok dat was lame*

one thing abt me is i'm really really good at wasting time..
i can do jus abt anything to wash time..
no different as flashing de toilet blow..
slack slack wat i do best..
i so need a brand new attitude..
god help me..

had fries rice for lunch today..
yummy!! thanks mum..^^

most probably i'm having dinner at home tonite..
wonder wat i'm having..


Taylor Lautner..x)

now tis is macho..x)
his so hot!! he makes me melt..

ok i went more den out of topic..
think i'm gonna go glue de book on my hand again..
see ya!!^^

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