pls..don mind me..i jus love chocolate..x)

i munch alot when i study dat's why i'm gaining weight..
yes!! i need exercise!!

diff size? haha..guess again..^^
north star..is comfortable..no regrets..^^



the only reason i went to skol is bcause i got to get the 'thinner' from teacher and help out to clean the tables n chairs for *AHEM* doom day..so yea..
well, my class were bullying me..
they jus kept calling my name..
*de whole class was doing it*==
asking for more 'thinner'..
*it wasn't enough*
my class was so greedy..==
Denise here Denise der..
if you were der u would see me hold de 'thinner' like a mad person rushing to him/her..
i'm not sure whether to laugh along or to to get annoyed..
but it was fun,in some ways..=)



is jus a pic..it doesn't actually mean anything..xP

i like this..de idea jus came to me..^^



like my short hair?xP cant really see wearing black..
their playing 'life'..nice game..x)use to play it with my brother when we were much more younger..but we were using ps1 not board game..xP
today is the day where the moon is brighter then any other day of de year..x)
yes!! is moon cake festival!! ^^
jus came bac from my aunt house..
me & Julie & Jojo & Camy & Calvin..
was playing ''hotel 626''..xD
it was so funny i tell you!!because 4of this lil kids were freak out..xD
i was actually laughing..syok sendiri..xD
there was this station where the only way to get to the next stage is to try to take a pic of a ghost who is actually runing around in circles..
ok at least i think is running in circles..xP
and when you finally snap a pic of it de ghost..
it will scare de crap out of you..xD
jus jk..xP ok will cut it short..
so overall i spend my moon cake festival with 4 lil kids and laughing at their reation..xD



cheer up myself on the first day of ''doom day'' with a bow of..
erm, i'm not sure what izzit called..
i invented it..xP
is some Chinese mee and the famous Japanese ''misu soup''..
it taste good too u noe..
only if u're wondering..no!! i didnt get stomachache..xD



don you jus hate my brother?==
if you see some of the post is in big letters..don mind it k?
jus real lazy to change it bac..*yawn*

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