somebody call 911!!

somebody call 911!! this spider was stalking me in de bath room when i was bathing!! ><
ok lets get to de main point for of de reason i'm blogging today..
well,last Friday i went badminton with Jo Ee Pei Wen Justin Kai Boon Date Christopher Shaun Kee Yuan
i had so much fun with this few amazing people!! x)
is really lucky to have them as my friend..really they're awesome people once you get to noe them..x)
alrite here a big shout out to those awesome people!!
''every single time i hang out with you guys not one time i would be bor..u guys always keep me happy..n i really had fun dat day even if i noe is just badminton but to me is more den dat..i'll treasure everyone of you!! x) love ya!!
anyway this is only a few of de total of 33pic i took dat day..n is also my fav..

jo ee/bii n me.. x)

oops..forgot to crops Chris face..xD *i was swt-ing like a pig*
no bitch allow..xD
de one n only longkang boy..xP

fly n ride like de wind jo ee/bii..x)

kai boon order err...this...i forgot what izzit called sry..xD
pei wen..don she jus looks hot all de time? x)

i like everyone smile here!! x)

oh!!! it looks like someone in crazy in love with JO EE!! xD


one last pic before i left de place..x)

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