how sweet of her.. :)

went to this open house/temple last night with my family..(more in detail-my dad's friend had a open house at this temple so he could have more open space) well,the funny thing is we tot we were at the wrong place..because is a open house at a temple?

Anyway, a few of my childhood friend will be there as i was saying..i arrived before her..she text-ed me and told me she had a surprise for me..o gosh! i love surprises! :D

When she arrived..she slowly grab two books out of her hand bag and hand it to was titled ''little black dress''..i was excited to see the two books..knowing she reads the same type of novel that i do..than she say she bought the books for me..i swore my eyes were wide open and in shock..i mean why would she even get two novels for me? is not my bday..even if it was months ago..random much..but i like it! xD

Ok back to topic..i quickly asked her why? she said she saw me reading it when i was at she father new office open ceremony thingy she bought the book for sweet and totful of her right? love ya babe! but i couldn't accept the gift tho..i told her after i finish reading it I'll return it back to her..but she kept insisting me to keep it as a collection..

i really don't know what to say..really touch..but still I'll return the books..i mean..the novel is not yea..

The End..♥

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