ish! ish! ish infinity!

n love love love u definitely! :)

hehe..hey, people! I'm back! like finally right? xD lolx..don have to tell me i know I'm very perasan..
anyway camp! o yea camp! it was awesome.. :)
had fun..n of cause it also gives me bigger eye great is that right?
as if it wasn't big enough..n i promise it will get bigger! yes! it will! i have another camp coming up..
corner of march..Kai's camp..

i feel like I've been leaving my blog to grow thick dust now days..
hey! no blaming me..I've been busy as ever! like seriously!
it will be a miracle if i don pass by the end of the year..have been so busy with school.. joke people..
got so much to like from the beginning of the first month n second week..
the earliest night I've slept was 12am..which only leaves me 6 hours to shut my eyes n rest my heavy brain..(no,believe me is not enough for another tiring new day)
i am really lucky to even sit here n blog abt this right now..figure i should take a break from all the text books n projects..
o n did i mention i finish 8karangan in one night? xD so last night only had 3hours of sleep..great..
stress is building good..pimples..T.T
n getting heavier n heavier each day! (THIS IS EVEN WORST!)
but why?not like i eat cheese or chocolate or anything must be my metabolism..
getting weaker n weaker too..T.T when anyone touch me..I'll feel like falling..o man! :(
gonna exercise n eat loads of fruit n vegetable..
gonna live a healthy 2010..this i promise! :)

i really felt speechless without pic blending in with what I'm blogging..0.0
omg! i really don know what to say! xD
o ok..i just remembered..the title for this short story is..
who let the frog out?
on this ordinary day..n ordinary announcement on the assembly ground..
n with ordinary students..some who is half awake..some who is wondering off to wonderland..
suddenly out of no where..form5 girls start jumping up like waves..
n scream!
i wont have to rumble everything single detail..u should know what happened.. :)
conclusion : girls could freak out by a frog n frogs also could be really good centre of attraction..

erm, what else? o yea! like finally i finish reading one of my little black dress novel..
is titled..*true love and other disaster*..
really romantic n interesting story! :D i love it!
especially the ending..cheeky and funny n also got that kind of feeling that makes you wanna go AWW.. :D
*u get what i mean*.. :)
n also is one of the MUST read romances novel I'll recommend..

it really does..badly..since yesterday.. :(
my teeth!! it hurts! got a appointment yesterday at 4pm..
doc helped me put this super duper colorless tight rubber that will tighten up my teeth..
so the gap will close up..n it hurts..nonstop..o man!



o only 9pm n i'm feeling sleepy..projects n hw still awaits..
guess I'm gonna go now..
nightz human.. :)
have a great week ahead..
n o yea! i almost forgot!
this year is the year of the good luck to those who is studying hard core for UPSR,PMR and SPM..all the best peeps! :)

n totally heart this pic! ♥
*snap snap*

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