you were the reason..

 why i woke up every morning realizing, one day..i have to wake up from this reality nightmare..

hey peeps! i know I've been lag of updating my blog..but hey, don blame me..I'm a busy person..(Nah!) anyway, woke up this morning and played with Eva for been long since..
do i look scary to you? :D

Erm, no..this is actually a diff pic from the one on top..what do you think about my edit? :)
talk to the hand.. :D

playing with the morning light..

i wasn't planning to post this pic up..look so darn weird and a awkward smile..but i really like the way the light hits my head..i look like I'm wearing a Hat.. :D

my retarded moment..
take one..

take two..

take three..
yea! read the shirt the got to keep up with me you know..(gosh! I'm so lame.. xP)
i got this pose from i don know where..just see people doing it now days.. xD

o man! exam is starting next'll give you the usual answer..I'm Not Ready..i haven even start studying..that is why I'm going to offline now..and study up those thick text books..
 The End.. :)

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