O M G! official? no way!

ok chill Denise..chill..breath..ok i'm ready..dadi just came back..and he asked me whether do i wanna make it official for me and my godfather..O M G! this is so exciting! i mean i know we're close and all..but making it official take everything to a whole new level! n of cause the answer is yes! of cause i want it official! O M G! haha..big brother was like all ''what about me?''..too bad.. *giggle*

i didn't wanna make such a big reaction out of it..you should know, how parents will feel if they're gonna share their child with someone..and your kid seem so over joy about it..*jealousy*..so yea..mum is still out..so daddy is just gonna tell her when she gets back.. 

O M G! i don know why..but i feel so excited about it..maybe is because I'm having a really hard headache..yea maybe..   

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