A W E-Some! :D

hey, everybody! :D
how is everyone doing during this festive CNY of 2010?
anyway, here's a update about mine..
CNY..how do i begin?
well, currently all you have to know is that CNY..is always full of Camhore pic and countless fun.. :)
but there will be some changes this year..

1# one of my family member wont be joining us.. ;(
(their going Bali to celebrate)

2# Me!! Yes Me!! is going to be the one who snaps all the CNY pic!
(Yay!crossing my fingers..hope the photo album I'm doing will turn out as awesome as i tot it will be)

3# why? why in the world would someone wish that valentine will fall on the first day of CNY?
spend that day with my family..it wasn't bad..or ether good..it was just..fine i guess..

yea..guess that is all..
not sure what is this called again..
but whatever it is..i don really like it tho..(not my plate of food)
*I'm so lame*

anyhow, before i get on track of the journey about CNY..
i have some pic to share..

is a me and nature thing.. :)

wakey wakey..

portrait..(sun rise)..

The Climb..

colors of the sky..

Well, besides celebrating CNY..i also celebrated one of my cousin Bday.. :)

his brother bought this magic candle which is awfully hard to blow it off..look..
even if is been blown off..the candle will magically light it back up by itself..

backefon is a restoran somewhere near Hartamas..
really nice place to chill and get a cup of coffee to go..
before tasting the food..i already like that place.. :)

and of cause the usual..mum ordered salad..and ONLY salad..
(I prefer cherry tomato more than the normal big one tho)

(vanilla milkshake) totally a MUST TRY for those who love sweet stuff..

n the main course..(rosmarin chicken)
no is not a typo..it really is rosmarin chicken..and it looks like beef right?
it was finger licking good!

(portrait) lil sis..

CNY.. :)
(purple is the new black)

ok lets get back to the main topic..
Desa Park City will be my hometown.. :) where's yours?

firstly, we had that dinner that everyone has the day before Chinese New Year..
than went for a walk with the oldest cousin in our family..(Michelle)
the park is actually the main reason why i like that place so much..
in the morning the park would make the place look classy..
and at night the park just turns into a romantic spot to hang out.. :)
and yes..Camhore on the way as well..

aren't she just pretty? :)later on, we make our way to cineleisure for a traditional movie night..
(hehe..guess who bought 20tickets to watch the movie valentine day?) :D

sry for the blur pic guys!
the movie was alright overall..i rate 9/10 for the fact that Taylor Swift act real dumb an d silly/cute as a dumb blond in the movie..(n also the fact that i love the big white teddy bear!) :D
the movie starts at 12am midnight..so it was real early when the movie ends..

the next morning.. :D

when i was viewing through all the pic through the com..
dadi was praising himself behind me..

like every other year..
we all first gather at Jo place for breakfast..
her mum made one of the best spaghetti in the world..

*long story short*
the girl with yellow T is my cousin sis..
guy in purple T is her boy friend..maybe in the future her husband?
anyway welcome to the family.. :)

big happy smile people..big happy smile.. :D

it looks almost the same didn't it? that's me and Michelle heels..
no we didn't plan to get it..A W E-some much? :D

took a family photo before leaving..
*happy smile everyone* :)

reach our next destination and my parents had their fun too.. :)
*heart this pic*

check out the tv..

cool ain't? that's my grandma.. :)

Canada! Canada! :D

dadi love his RED puma shoe..

advertising GUESS..

Camhore with my Eva..
they look so cute in this pic! much love! :)

i wanna be in the pic too!smile..

next pit stop..
sweet house :D
yes! you heard me..sweet house..
is a family thing.. :D

just a fun group photo..

man! Astor is earning..
in the future i wanna create something like that..
everywhere and anywhere the produce will be seen..
useful and totally affordable.. :)

The Three girl vision of Amigos..
credit to Julie.. :)

walk to this park near one of my relative house..and all of us act like as if we were 3 or 4 years old..it was countless fun.. :)

somehow it scares me..

 we had two lunch every chinese new year..
one over at sweet house one here..*gosh felt like a big fat pig* 

personally i don mind acting like a lil kid sometimes..is fun not knowing anything.. n not knowing all the bad things that is happening around you..like everything was done and there for you..you just got to learn to have fun with it..

Johnson and his climbing skill..

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