happy bday julie..^^

before i get to de part for tonight's title..jus de night before i was watching tv alone down stair..den suddenly de lights for de hold neighborhood went off..some part of me was angry because no one touch my tv when i'm watching it..oops..''ok expect u mamie''..><>n de phone..i went out of de house to get some air..den der it was de moon..it was jus rite der with me dat nite..it was so bright..n was actually hoping to see a shooting star..hmm,no luck..almost everyone from my neighborhood came out dat night''i guess it was really getting hot''..n was waiting for ''scd'' reply..but he called me after de light went on again..haha><..in de end we realize dat we were looking at de moon de same time i guess..x) n also took a pic of it..haha..wat r de odds??x)

alrite bac to de title..^^

de cake was nice but de icing on top was too sweet joanna!!

well,as de title says last nite was Julie 12th bday.. n my hold family went to her house for a celebration.. as usual family gathering always fun!! not once is miss out..^^ well, Joanna n Michelle my a.k.a photo shooting 3sem..we were doing it again..CAMWHORE!!..but sadly michelle has to go bac early yesterday..so is up to me n Joanna to hold de camera''a.k.a my phone'' for action crimes..yesterday term was ''lala''..it was so much fun!!we even put up makeup/dress up to make everything seem like real..
jus love family gathering!!^^

always start off simple..''Joanna n me''

N thing starts to go wild..x)

n crazy-er
n we jus cant get enough of it..>< i wasn't ready!!><

emo goes with lala..
ok i'll admit it..i kind de like being''lala''sometimes..is not jus fun is also a style..n de style is originally from japan n it suppose to b nice but den people go spoil it..=.=''

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