prank from mum?

wat is wrong with de world people!! mum even puts a prank on me..hahaha..go ahead laugh all u wan..i aint no laughing with you..-.- zzz..
oops sry..where r my manners..good morning everyone!! ^^
ok this is what happen.. mum always give me n my brother morning calls..*to wake us up every morning* even if we don hav any plans for de day to go anywhere.. she jus don like when someone sleeps till de afternoon..zzz *is hol mum!!* =.=''
ok back to de point!!
as i was saying..morning call yea dat.. after giving me n my brother morning calls she went down stair with my dad..*dad is going out to work* -jus so u noe me n my brother is till in bed *slacking*-
slacking half way my mum called out my name real loud den she says : weiser ran away!! den without even thinking i quickly took my glasses n ran down stair n was aiming for de front door..
den i quickly turn n ask my mum
me : mum when is he gone?
mum : last nite..
in my mind i was like *no no no is going to be hard to find him n if i wasn't mistaken last nite was raining..o no!!
right hand shoulder devil
*pops out*saying ohh yes*
if u get what i mean..

when i was half way wearing my flip flops outside de front door..
mum : wait look over to our next door neighbor..
den i was giving her a face saying there is no time!! *she got my face reation*
but still she insist of wanting me to look over at our neighbor house..*n i did*
there he was looking at me giving me de face dat he wants to come home.. i was like *thanks mum dats a really good prank u put on me to wake me up* =.=''
n now there i was sitting here n blogging about this..
no no not de end yet..
mum : de neighbor open their gate d!! quick go get yr dog bac!!
den i went outside.. n i look at my neighbor n he look back at me den he say
neighbor : i think your dog just ran away again..
o my gosh!!
dat proves it he doesnt love me..T.T * heart broken*
den i quickly ran out of de house n just keep running n running..looking here n der..left n right.. my neighbor help me look too..*just so u noe HIS an adult with long hair*
then i went to ask people who is around de neighborhood..
n was hoping for a luck to find him..
well,after about half n hour i went home to check if his at home.
guess what..
he is..=.=''
i look at him n he keep giving me his tearing eyes..
den i talk to him for awhile den when in de house..
n u noe wat?my brother n my mother!!
was sitting der watching tv!!
it was like wat?i was out der worrys looking for my dog n u guys were like........nvm..=.=''
but i keep clam..den
i ask : where did u find him? brother : i didn't he found me..*smiling*
in my mind i was like whatever..
den came up stairs to blog about this again..
hmm, i don noe whether is this a lucky day? or a weird-ish day..
look at them now..down stair laughing together..watching some show on de tv..
zzz..gtg now..get ready for a badminton game later with
Jo Ee
Pei Wen
Yu Keong
not sure who else..owh well..
will see later..ciao amigos..

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