last night i was having a awesome dream.n mum came in n woke me dream jus blown away jus like dat.i try making myself falling asleep again but it didnt work..
''silly me''
#today song ''run'' from Leona Lewis..#

well,when to visit my godmother today ''really love seeing her again''.n when i reach home both of my cousin who live jus 10blocks away came.n as usual it was always fun with them around,after dat went to 'desar park city' to fetch granny to dinner.

eunice was lying down on de floor first..den my sister follows..><
''was in granny house..''

jus loving nature..

To : jonathan lam,^^
firestarter is a awesome name for a band..^^


  1. Your sister is so awesomely cute.

    She has the potential to shoot my heart when she gets older. :)