outin to giant n random stuff..x)

hehe on de way to fetch my brother n off we go to giant..ughh!! eye bags..-.-
special design just for couple's..xP 2 in 1 snacks n drinks..half coke half chicken pop..xD
i order erm,this..sry i forgot wat izzit called..but as u can see is fish..yummy tho..xP

alrite start from here i wanna share all random stuff dat i had in mind..they don call me random for nuts u noe..xP

took tis pic when i was at granny house..jus look at de sky n talk abt blue..^^

never tot mum would actually buy it..o look is made from china..

hehe..had it for lunch..xP

hehe..look at de cute dogg
y!! haha..watever he says..x)

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