jus random..

i was half in de air when i felt something moving benign my feet..xP

me : mum why is tis scary looking thing behind out garden?
mami : i bought dat from .........
me : why? izzit for Halloween?
mami : yes n is also pretty ok.. look de jackal glows..guess how much i bought it?
me : i don noe RM15?

mami : no......=,=''
me : den?
mami : de original prize was RM89 n i only bought it for RM10.''smiling''
me : ''den she left me speechless''........

f.y.i she actually bought two one she gave it to my neighbor/10 blocks away cousin..

to all de poeple out der having INFLUENZA A also known as H1N1..
take lot of good care gb..^^

pic on de left-she's so pretty!!''she's a Malaysia model i guess anyway''envy her banyak banyak!!><

pic on de right-my music my soul..^^

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