BBQ Chicken

yesterday when to giant to have my dinner *BBQ chicken*!! it wasn't dat bad..but over at Hatamas was must more yummy-er..later on,after dinner together we went in to giant n got our self uploaded with snacks. yum!!
so funny i tell u!! my sis was buggin my mum to carry her but she couldn' she ask me to hold her hand..n i got tis funny idea..see..
haha..xD every time when something caught her eyes she'll slowly move towards it..n I'll just ask her to hold on to de troli again..xP *pieces of cake* she's really touchy u noe..wat ever she see she'll wanna touch it..n one more funny thing was..watever she see she'll throw it into de if she noes wat we need..xD was so cute i tell u..but in de end me n brother have to put bac all de stuff dat she throws diff as cleaning her act..
grr..why every time i'm half way bloggin den someone must come n bug me away from de com!!
tis time is my brother..grrrrrr..

will jus update more later..if i get to touch de com of cause..-.-

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