To My 24/7..^^

#thanks for being der for me when I'm sick..*even if i didnt ask u too*^^
#thanks for being der when i needed someone to b der..*even if i didn't ask for u to b der*^^

#thanks for being der when i needed to talk to someone..*even if i didn't tell u*^^

#thanks for always being yourself..*that is one thing i really like about u*
#thanks for sharing yr day with me..*i enjoy my day just hearing about yrs*^^
#thanks for all yr caring n kindness u gave me now n den..*i'm just glad u would let me do de same to u*^^
#thanks for making my inbox full just by texting me 24/7..^^

#thanks for being de wonderful n lovable u..*xoxo*^^
#thanks for worrying about me..*when i'm more worry about u out der in de heavy rain*^^
#thanks for believing in me..*even if we never meet in reality i noe u're not a devil jus by knowing u more*^^
#thanks for making me laugh..*when i don even want to smile*^^
#p.s there is so much more to thank u about dat i cant even use words to say..but jus thanks awesome!!..^^

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