22.1.10 rain is like tear drops from the sky..

o man!!this have never happen before.. :(
since the first day i heard his voice..we never stop talking ever since..not even for a day..
n now his at sgp.. :( attending his cousin wedding n being his best man..
but thinking abt it..wtv..as long as his having fun n enjoy himself..is more den enough..rite? :)
today is awfully tiring..because i only slept for one hour last nite..
we spent the whole nite talking on the phone.. xP
it was wroth it..both of us knew that we're not gonna talk to each other for 3freaking days!!
but he'll be back on Sunday nite..so yay!!cant wait!! :)
already missing him like crazy..hope his doin alrite over der..
well,one really good way i learned from keeping myself suffering n thinking amorously abt him..
is to keep myself busy until he returns..
*finger cross people* n hope i don die.. :D


blur..skol today was sleepy..really sleepy..blur
i haven shut my eyes for 15 or even 10mins since my one hour of slp n totally a miracle that i still managed to get my feet back up n touch the ground this morning..
so i guess i'll jus hit the sheets early tonite.. :)
o yea i hav pic to share..again rite?i noe! :D
tear drops from heaven n loud strong drums came for a visit this evening..so i decided to take a ride with 'ean'.. :)
he have such a good eyesight..
after stuffing all the memories into the memory card..i took a preview of our work..
n it turn out like this.. :)
wat ciu think? :)


i think i better start making a List To Do..
before i start telling myself later..tmr..the day after tmr..


tmr will be Saturday n is also a skol day..==
no..not gonna go..might not b free tho..
but i noe at 2-5pm u will see my fat! face at mcd over at uptown..
gonna have a camp meeting.. :)
lots to do..n to think..


sun glasses..


ok..my eye is seriously closing..
nite humans.. :) n o yea!!

msg to Pei Wen & Mun Kar..'in any possibility if both of u r reading this..i'll jus put up my chatbox tmr k? :)'

will pinky swear to update more tmr..
nighty nite..sweet dreams..slp tight..
don let the mosquito bite.. :)