Happy New Year Everyone.. :) Awesome 360 & VIP view..

let this day be a very new beginning..n a brand new start..remember yr mistake from the years that is long gone..n remind yrself this year..make sure u don make the same mistake over n over again.. :) Cheers everybody..

well,i had a awesome n surprising way of celebrating my new year..
was actually on my way to The Curve for the fireworks..
we were actually jamming our way there..
so was kinda late..when dadi took a left turn..n driving slowly..
the sound of the fireworks stooped the car..
we all turn to face the view of the firecrackers..
first it was some kopitiam..then some houses..then follow by the curve..then giant..
it was all around us..
so we got our-self a 360 view!!
how awesome is that rite? :)
n after the awesome of 360 view..dadi drove the car in front to make a U-turn bac home since is over..
when the car was moved a few cm..
just right in front of us..some other people lighted up their firecrackers n it was popping perfectly..(i wouldn't noe how would u put it..but yea)
n it was just right in front of us..
it was so so so awesome!!
we all open the sunroof n just lay back on our chair..
n the fireworks just drop right in front of us..
it was like a VIP view of something..
it was so beautiful!! :)
our view from the sunroof was something like this
is such a waste!!
i didnt take any pic..was too amazed..n should have taken a video of the 360view of fireworks!!
but owhwell..the image is still in my head.. :)
remembered it perfectly..n will never forget what happened on the first few min of 2010.. :)
once again Happy New Year Everyone ..^^
have a great year ahead everybody!! :)

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