Enjoy The Silence.. :)

hey guys.. :)
first day of skol was a blur..well,at least i get a class with nice teachers.. :)
anyway..I'm not suppose to touch the com on weekdays..
i promise myself that I'll only use the com on weekends..n that's a promise..till tmr.. xD so i guess is bye bye com n hello high skol..again..==
o man!!by next year I'll be sitting for SPM..O.O gonna be so dead..like seriously!!
don talk abt next year..even by this year I'll be buried alive in the deep sea..
everything will be subjective..n in bm? i am so dead..
so now..i'm making this promise to actually improve my studies as well..
so wish me luck..will try to update all at once every weekend.. :)
till den bye humans.. :)
have a great week ahead..

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