2week of tiring..

well,i don really have anything to say abt tis week..
maybe because i don have any pic for a story..
but I'll try to remember wat happen lately..
starting from

monday.. :)
erm,lets see..went to skol as usual..
o yea i was almost late..*Phew*
n bm was interesting..Pn.Mahana(class teacher)..hahaha.. :D
she's so funny..one thing abt her that we all learn is that she can never stay serious for long..
not even half an hour..no i'm serious..she'll always joke with us in class..
n make us stand like primary kids where we all got to answer her quest only by then we may sit..n sometimes we went over the line..she'll get angry n scold us..
so we all will jus shut up n stare at her..
half way staring..she'll slowly smile..n her face reaction shows that she cant stand it anymore..
n we're all the way bac up to laughing n joking.. :)
*rated one star*
after skol..tiring as usual..
n is all abt ean ean ean.. :)
*rated another star*

Tuesday.. :)
great jus great..
speech speech speech..
this is my very first n mayb the very last..
*finger cross*people..

Wednesday.. :)
awesome!! first day of meeting 2010 people!! WOW!!
*make some noise!!*
hehe..don mind me.. xP anyway,meeting for morning session was..tiring..
well,u noe the first comers is always shy n sort of antisocial or smtgh..but it went well.. :)
*rated another star*
but as for afternoon session meeting..it was the boom!!fun crazy n siao siao.. :D
me n pei wen was like paranoid or smtgh..jus kept laughing non stop.. :D
haha..mayb is jus both of us.. xD but which so ever..AWESOME meeting.. :)
*rated again one star*

Thursday.. :)
moment of truth..
i don even wanna talk abt it..WTV!!
speech speech speech..wish me luck..

Friday.. :)
so great that is friday..after a long n tiring week..finally!!i could slp for a few more hours..
n ean ean ean!! :)
*star star star*

Saturday.. :)
today.. :) n finally..i get to play with ean outdoors.. :)
he is jus such a cutie.. :) we work together jus perfectly.. :)
*a another star!!* :)
o man..kdu kdu kdu..=/

so overall..i rated my week..6 over 10..still a pass.. :)

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