woke up this morning with all sort of reason to let out a smile..

n knowing u'll b back tonight.. :)


whenever i have a good feeling..i would read..

n just sit around n wonder what you're up to at the moment..

as i mentioned at the previous post..i went to popular to get some revision books(Add maths)..
n guess who i ran into in there..William n his friend(i apologize! I'm not sure what's his name)..
but anyway,after picking out the books i long seeking for..
take a quick looked at my watch..(o man..== i forgot to put it on before i rush out the house)
but Owhwell,cellphone will do..still early..
so went for a books for photography hunting..
looking thought
health,cook books,fung shui,gallery,art,pets..make a turn at a corner..
picked up lots of type of them..n found just the prefect one!! :)
o man.. :( is cost-C..so i guess I'll just put it back..or..i could sit down n read as much as i can before making the exit..
but in the end i bought it.. xP i know i know..Denise just love wasting money..i know..
but i really love it..n i do read it..n it comes in handy most of the time..so why not right?
n trust me..it really comes in handy for a newbie like me..
i mean..it better be..is cost-C.. xD
the book is called *click..the Author who wrote this book when his just 17 years old!!
how cool is that right?
i wanna b like him..(inside joke)
but anyway..
the prize review its quality.. :)
o yea..did i mention i have to say pls over a thousand time to get dadi to approve to get the book? :)


sry i missed out a part..before heading the book store..we had dinner at Sakae Sushi..
over at the curve..
n YES! pic to come later is all about the finger licking good feeling..

i really love the taste of this tea.. :)

Desiree : always pray before u eat..

1# dadi : I'm so hungry i can eat a elephant..(he didn't)

2# they looks like lil houses..

3# if you're a muchroom lover..you'll love this..u can really taste the smokey BBQ..



6# the beef was the best.. :)

after dinner..n my dramatic pls in the book store..we finally headed home..
n it was pouring rain outside..
was bored of the jam so had a few ideas in mind to waste time..
came up with this.. :)

flash isn't that bad after all.. :)

personally i definitely love this one.. :)

lastly.. :)
can u image living without Light in this world..cold n no fingers to be seen..so lets be thankful for what we have now..before is too late for regret.. :) The End..

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