The Mines.. :)

pose for me gal.. :)
she'll be the model..I'll be the photographer.. :)

well,lets see..went to The Mines with Jo family yesterday.. :)
we had fun..n laughed alot..again.. :)

wow..a blink on the a brand new year already.. :) n i'm gonna have my sweet 16 this year!! WooHoo.. :D cant wait..n Chinese New Year!!bling bling baby!! xD

anyway my resolution for 2010 will be.. :)
1# grow closer to god..n learn abt him even if i not been able to go to church..
2# change into a better me..
3# study really hard..
saving money for it..hard core style!! xP
5# ROCK!! Pbsm.. :)
6# live a healthy life style n get slim!!(gonna exercise more often)
7# i don noe..maybe getting staking class..
i really love it..but is so costy..(will think it over)
8# make a diff of animal abuse..(thinking wild)
9# get scary creative..
10# take more pic..(make people fall in love with nature again) :)
11# do my very best to make everyone around me happy..
12# give Weiser a special made cake for his bday..
13# live everyday of my life like de last day..
14# eat/drink/do anything that makes me GROW TALLER!!
15# get more freedom? [I'm desperate.. :( ]
16# 16 n the rest is all abt bii bii bii.. x)

well,enough of me n my resolution n back to The Mines.. :)
we went there in the afternoon..n nearly to evening..
shop a n mami got our self new year heels..(loving it) :)
n after spending money on heels..we went to sat the boat..

u r the reason,why i always look up at the sky..n know that..
that u're rite up there..looking down at us..

the sun will shine.. :)

MAN!! this pic remind me of Christmas..again.. :(
i jus miss it..

isn't it hot!! wan a closer view? :)

haha..wan it more closer? :P

i wan a house this big next time when i grow up..but by the beach.. :)

man!! if this pic were will b romantic.. :)

spot anything standing on the tree? :)

hehe..too late!!they're flying away.. :)

swan..they stick cute!! :)

i just love the sky that goes well with the lake.. :)

after the ride..we went jalan jalan again.. :)
n end up in ToyCity..
i wan to hug it too.. x)
told ciu i need exercise..==

jojo..(wink back)

n bakuteh for dinner.. :)
johnson n his nosnhoj..just make me laugh so badly till my tummy hurts..xD

group pic!! :)
shit!!i think i'll go do my exercise now!!

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