over slept for the FIRST week of skol..

yup..is just great..but Owhwell..things just kept getting better n better don they..
today i woke up with a world spinning..==
man!! enough already..

but anyway,first week or skol was tiring..
really tiring..really need a rest..
not just skol but also with all the things that is happening around..
Owhwell..it will be fine tomorrow..(i hope)

i got some pic to share that i took on Wednesday..
was in the car on my way to Tesco.. :)

1# cloud(fish bone)..

i just love how the pic blends together.. :)

the sun will shine..

more on Flickr.. :)
well,one thing good abt skol is that i got really nice teachers for almost..
all the subj? ^^
is Saturday n feeling totally empty rite now..
but wtv..hope it will be over soon..
i hate this..

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