3# week of skol..

tiring as the usual..but today was just extra++ rushing..
pedangangan..== i hate it to the very end of the earth cord!!Ugh!!
but anyway,moral teacher talk abt how r we suppose to write(subjective) our exam..
it scares me.. :( not just moral tho..sejarah too.. :( sigh..
but whatever..just gonna study like a nerd n write like one too.. xP
i need to take a drug that will stop you from running in my mind all day long.. x)
o yea..i didn't forget..i made a promise to myself saying that i'll only online on weekends rite?
haha..i didn't forget that.. :) just that..i cant stop my itchy hand..so blame them!! xP
well,i guess i'll jus blog whenever i'm free..n only when i'm free..
ok..gtg now..tuition is starting soon..
bm n add maths.. :)
picture of the day.. :)
song of the day..emotion by destiny child.. :)

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