16oct..outing with my tuition teacher shary n neighbor max..x)

Shary : so wat u guys wanna do first? ^^
Max : erm,don noe..think think think..
Me : no idea..think think think..
Shary : come on guys make out yr mind..we can go eat first or shop or..
Max : *light bulb turn ON n a bell go TING*
lets go try every single shusi Restoran at ou..xD den see which is de best..x)
Me : O.O u serious?
Shary : yea sure why not?^^
me : (thinking to myself) shit!! i so need a exercise after this..

den we make our way to ''Shusi Anmai''
heard it was de best..
u're looking at my lunch..x) no regrets..it taste good..x)
after we finish our lunch..no no..
we didn't continue our food hunt..
instant we walk around with our stuffy tummy..
n went into *The Cocoa Trees*
where they sell just about any expansive chocolate..
*my fav!! xP*
this is the new ''Ferrero Rocher''
i wonder if it taste as good as de old one..
it was expansive..DUH!! xD
hehe..xP i actually took de pic like a thief..didn't think they'll let..xP

i took ''Mars'' & ''Daim''..xP
Max took ''Mars''
Shary took ''Toblerone''
Shary pay for all of cause..x)
thank you teacher!! xD

after our chocolate moment..
we went snookering..xP
it was my ''so call'' first time..
n i shoot in 4ball..was so happy..xP i cant help it..xD
*syok sendiri*
pro's out there must be laughing at me..xP
n it was first time for Shary..n she score more den me..xP
Max was de pro amount three of us..x)
it will b so cool if weiser can do that..xD

after snookering..
we went to this Japanese food fair that they were having..
n this random girl came to ask if any of us wants to join a eating competition..
Me & Shary was pointing at Max..asking him to join..
giving him lecture..n brain washing him..xD
n look..his already on his way to sign up for de game..x)

first round was de ''couple round''..
den follow by the single female round..
den de single male round..(Max turn)
his de last one on de rite..
they r suppose to finish one big bow of Japanese cup noodle n a another small one..
is really not as easy as it seem..x)
de boi in orange got first place..gosh his cute!! X)
n dude in white got last..xP
he got 2place..n got another noodle cup..xD
it was a fun outing..worth it..x)
n lots of funny stuff happen..x)

the end..xP

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