well,one thing abt me..i really love taking pic of nature..example like de sky..
well,not jus any sky..but de one which look really unique..something like tis pic..*pointing down*
i have more alot more actually..which is much more better den the one u jus saw..
but most of u will get bored..so i rather not..x)

anyway last nite cousin june who live jus 10block away..
her dad order this pizza which taste really awesome..
if u're a fan of turkey..u'll love it..^^
the box is so cute!! *look*
so did ciu read de instructions? x)

well,so far holiday has been a blur n totally bored..
thank god i have my story books to accompany me..
went to ikano popular jus last yesterday or mayb is two days ago?
gosh..my short term memory isn't going anywhere..
well,this is it..my holiday entertainment..
no their not jus any story books..
i only started reading''mounting desire''today..
n i'm only at page4..n i already start laughing my butt out..x)
yes i guess i'm jus gonna read every single ''lil black dress'' novel..
i mean..hey!!
at least i didn't waste my time?
ok expect going out with my buddies n u noe who u r..x)
hmm,actually i don really have the mood to update this post..
ok..gtg now..slp? no.. play games? no..
........? yes..
gosh can i be any lamer!! gonna really cut dat out..
nite bloggies..

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