good 15oct..x)

today is de second day of so call out of cage day..
yea rite..==
last nite i asked mami whether can i go out today at nite with de usual gang..
jo ee,kai boon,pei wen,kah meng etc etc..
at first she say ''NO''..
gosh!! i was so piss at dat moment she said dat..
i mean who wont rite?
after nerdding from de beginning of de year till de day ''Doom Days'' end..
is jus so hard sometimes..
no wonder i hav phobia for rejection now days..==
*jus hates it so much i can put my parents in jail for not giving me freedom*
jk..*wouldn't do it even if i could their my parents HELLO!!*==
hmm, got a called last nite from pei wen asking whether can i teman her ''ou'' tomorrow..
do a lil shopping before we go ''the curve'' at nite..
hmm, so i ask again this morning..*jus now*..
den she start giving me reason..*craps*..==
don noe her lah..tis time no more lil miss nice gal..
i couldn't..i'm sick of hard to explain how i'm feeling rite now..
is like u study yr head off..n in de end u don get wat u really..
ok i'm done being mad..not gonna cry over broken glass..
will update more ltr..ciao..x)

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