is 20oct people..x)

well, will b going skol tmr..
jus to return the text books i borrowed from skol..
kind the think of it..
i haven touch them seen the day PMR ends..xP
wont wanna touch it too..haha..xD

18oct..nite..dinner with the family..x)
conversation in the car..
me : dadi where r we going for dinner tonite?^^
dadi : i'll bring you somewhere u haven been before..i'm bor of de place we always go for dinner..x)
so gonna try something new tonite..^^
me : o ok..*wondering away*
it was sea food tonite..which..
i cant eat..T.T
having a few dots..not suppose to eat untill it heals..
gosh!! i miss crab..T.T
but dadi didn't order..thanks dadi..x)
he noes i'm such a big mouth..
wont b able to tahan..xP
ok de pic wants to do de talking now..x)

hopper needs a ride home!! xP
my dadi saddles cost...=x

fresh oyster..yummy..x)

sour face..ahh..><
cheese n oyster..yummy!! xD one of their specialty..

shark taste good..of cause..==
but now days shark is getting lesser n lesser..
hope people stop killing people would stop eating it..
or de other way around..xP

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