cross pollination..

the sister..x)

19oct..x) a visit to bukit lagong..
as u can see there's amount of pic..lazy to upload all..xP
so decided to put it all in one..x)
conversation : (on de phone before i reach skol)
kai boon : (tooo tooo)
me : (pick up) hello?
kai boon : what time are you coming?
me : already on my way..give me erm..5 to 10mins k?
kai boon : ok!! (hang up)
reach skol..i tot i was the last one to arrive..xP
i took 3th place from behind..xP
jo ee was second last n kah meng was the last!! xD
after everyone had arrive..
Jia min n James mum fetch us there..thanks for the ride aunty!! x)
when we arrive there we could smell the trees n it smells like camp..
we make our way in..
n realize we actually hav to make a appointment..
but owhwell, the very kind guard let us in..but we couldn't stay for too long..
n we explore up n down n around..x)
n also plan where the place to set up for our MK nite..
is so clean u can even see wat's below..x)
of cause u so sallow..
well, how sweet of ''bukit lagong''..
i actually got a gave from that place..
i got a bum on my forehead n a cut on my arm n also mosquito bites..
how sweet n totful of them..x) n i jus been there for how long?a few hours?
n can u image me being there for 3days 2nite when the camp starts?
trust me u wont recognize me when i come back..x)
n o ee got a gave too..a hit on the head..xD
after receiving all the totful n lovely gives..
we made our way to the car..n we saw.......
yes a dead flat frog..O.O''
i think some car didnt realize n ran through it..
ok anyway,
then we made our way to discuss more abt the camp..
as usual..der wont actually b a meeting where everyone would just sit down quietly..
n listen to wat de person has to say..
no..uhh so not gonna happen..
instant der will always be funny/lame/weird/interesting/etc etc..
thing dat will eventually happen..n out of no where..
i'll prove it to you..jus like this pic..
huh? no not this pic..tis is just Jo Ee cup..u'll get it for free if u buy a large meal..
which me n Pei Wen don noe abt it..
Pei Wen/Me : dat cup!! is so nice!! i wan!! how can we get it? ><
jo ee came back with the cup in her hand..
Pei Wen/Me : how did u get it?!?
Jo Ee : o if u order a large meal they'll give it to u free..^^
Pei Wen/Me : why u didnt tell us earlier?!? ==
*now jo ee had kept me n pei wen hanging der envying her*
is royal purple jus in case u're fav colour..T.T

n is nice!!this is actually the pic that i'm talking..our very own *cross pollination* straw..
james tot of dat idea..''i'm not sure where did he get it from''
erm, am i suppose to describe it..
erm,lets see..err..u jus somehow *clap* yr hands hard with de straw in between..
n it somehow opens up..x)
is jus dat easy..x)
n lame..x)
of cause is more than a straw..after *cross pollination*..
it becomes two..u see..xD
gosh!!can i b any lamer?.......owhwell..
no bother..x)
conclusion : it was a interesting to learn more abt *pollination*..
i mean come on..even straw's got pollination too..xD
wat could b ''impossible''?x)
ok i better hit de cotton now..x)
going skol tmr to return de text book..
gosh!!i'm so use to holiday mood..
feel so lazy to go skol tmr..
but it should b fun..seeing all my buddies again..x)

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