Is 16oct..x)

last nite was alrite i guess..
good n bad happen tho..
ok first thing first..GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYBODY..x)
alrite bac to subj..
erm, good thing is i get to go dad fetch me..
in de car he was telling me thing like..
u noe..''b careful'' n etc etc..
he was so cute..he start telling me..
dadi : well,before i meet yr mother..i hav other gal frens too..x)
me : haha..i noe..xP
dadi : so if guys like u,jus don bother k? don b silly..
me : *dadi must b silly when he was young..xP*(thinking to myself)
etc etc..
alrite got to go get ready now..going out with my tuition teacher for lunch..
having shusi i guess..x)
buh bye..x)
will update more later..^^

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