my 3nite..x)

T.T i was half way finishing blogging tis post..
n guess wat? de com off by itself..T.T
guess i jus hav to type it again..GRR..
look!! even the baby is angry..HMPH!!
ok..this post is to continue the post before..
erm,where did i stop again?
ok dadi talking to me in the car..
was also thinking if dadi can date when he was about my age..
why can't i?x)
hey!! being a gal is not an excuse k? xP
ok moving on..
reach Jo Ee, Pei Wen, Daniel n Pei Ting at Starbucks..
after they finish drinking..we went GSC to catch a movie..
on our way there..we saw Cheryl with her boyfriend..
she join the tickets..n
we watch..
well,the pic said it..''surrogates''..
i personally think the show was awesome..
nice love it..x)
go watch it if u haven..with my taste i guess u wont regret? xP
hmm,kind the think of it..i'm kind the out dated on movies..
i haven watch..G-force, where got ghost ok lazy to type it all out..
just a lot..xD
n yea before the movie starts..
Jo Ee n Cherly went arcade..n Pei Wen teman her sis to buy some stuff..
left only me n Daniel..i didn't wan to go arcade tho..
so we just went a floor down to wash time..
den we saw victoria n ethen..walking together n alone..x)
we chit chat a lil..x)
den when is time, we went in to watch the movie..
after the movie..we wait Kai n Meng outside GSC..
den..walk our way to ''the curve''..
yes walk..i noe is near but..
at that moment i was in a bad situation..*blister*==
great just great..i try to tahan but i couldn't..
it really hurts..n every time i take a step..
it really kills me..ouchhh....
n now it turns dark red..*someone told me it means is healing*x)
anyway..i stop walking really couldn't take it..
den everyone was like ''r u ok?''
told them is just blister..
den Daniel ask me to take off my shoes..n i did what he said..
when i took off my shoes..the blister is already burst..i noe..EWW..
i wanted to wear back my shoe but they wont allow me..x)
den Pei Wen ask Daniel to piggy bag me..but i didn't wan it..
i mean no!! he'll b tired by the time we reach ''the curve''..
so the totful Pei Wen change shoes with me..yes!!
she wore my sneakers n i wore her saddles..

ok actually i just finish typing a long karangan about dat day..
but no idea why THEY DELETE IT WHEN I CLICK THE PUBLISH POSH BOTTOM!! T.T UGH!! so piss i finish it already!! what lah bully me..T.T owhwell...==

love this pic..x) emo Meng..must b thinking about watermelon..x)
Jo Ee!! X)
Jo Ee n Kah Meng taste good..x)
Jo ee n kah Meng..both wearing lining cloths..xD
Boon..== we noe u got small boy look..don have to block Meng..xP
Jiun Ee..the one that gone crazy with me..x)
group pic!!>< style="font-style: italic;">Jo Ee were in it too..x)

the end..x)

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