ok i'm back!! ^^
from the meeting..jus realize no matter how many people attend de meeting..
der will always b laughter..^^
we didnt actually talk much abt camp tho..
n shearn actually bring me n Jessica to a dentist near by skol..
which is looking for workers/so call nurses actually..
both of us went for de interview..
n if u're der u can actually see de 'hire me' sign on top of my forehead..xP
n guess wat? we GOT de JOB..xD
it was so easy..jus sit down der he ask u a few easy quest den u got it..
de pay isn't dat high tho..
bcause he say u can come WHENEVER u're free..
n LEAVE whenever u wan..
so u see..xD
is rm5/hour..
i haven ask my parents yet tho..xP
but i'm sure the answer they give will be pretty disappointing..
so i don even bother to ask..
n plus i wont b free for de pass few weeks..
de funny thing is,u actually
learn n get paid..xD
de only reason i said this bcause the doctor will b teaching us at de same time..
this job is so wroth it..x)

anyway tmr is my brother graduation..^^
happy for him..don noe why..xD
high skol graduation is ntg tho..
collage graduation is de real deal..^^

this r de few pic i was talking abt dat day..
de one dat i edit..^^

at de dentist with mum..
sister act like she is reading when she doesn't even noe a single word..x)

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