Christina Aguilela 'The Christmas Song'..

so listen to that song n that singer!! :)
i never knew Christina Aguilela can sing that well until on particular night when i was searching for new Christmas songs at '4shared'..
is so nice!!man!!i wanna have a voices like hers..
I'm have no idea how many times Window Media Player repeat the same song over n over again.. :P
i think kor kor n n mami is even bored of it.. xP
but owhwell,is such a nice song.. :)

Jie Lin & Keam Sunn..(They R Crazy) :)
but in a good way?
yesterday i got a call from Jie Lin.. :)
Jie Lin : hey denise!! r u home now?
me : yup!! ^^ why?
Jie Lin : o ok..i'm coming now k? ^^
me : O.O wat?but why?(shock)
Jie Lin : o to pass u yr BDAY present..(it was over for abt 1month?)
me : huh?u really don hav to giveme anything u noe!!O MY GOSH!! Jie Lin!!(sour face)
Jie Lin : haha..xD ok..i'm coming..bye............. xD
me : no wait......
Jie Lin : (Hung up)

aren't they crazy? :)
i u like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

actually they did the same thing to me last year..
i'm so lucky to have friends like them.. :)
A 24/7..
there is so much more about them that i could even write a list full of their Awesome-Ness.. :)
but now i just wanna say..
thank u very much for the gift..
n i really appreciate it.. :)
much love!! :)


lil baby sis.. :)
*snap*snap* :)
pic no.1

pic no.2

n pic no.3
which is also my fav.. :)


ok..i gtg now..
Happy Early New Year Everybody!!!!!!! :)
have a great year ahead.. :)

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