10nov..a long long way..

6nov.. :)
haha..yea!! i went to padini the next day..
to get the lining shirt..
i caught mum making her way out the door..
me : mum?where u going?
mum : ikano..to get some stuff..
me : Ooo!! can i come!! pls!! i need to go Padini!!
n no luck..
n no luck..
n no luck..
owhwell, that jus means this is still in my hunting list..x)
wish me luck..
wish me luck..
wish me luck.. :)

this is not the top that i was looking for..=/
smile everybody!!=D
it taste good..=)
it will b so much better if i hav a SLR..=/


8nov..with the family..(Camy Bday)
is lil Camy Bday..
first we went to get dinner..
than make our way to our grandma house..
(Desa Parkcity)
is really a nice place to start a family..
really love that place!! not just because they have this amazing park..
but the security there is really ''Garang''
n of cause most of the people there r friendly..x)
anyway i'll jus leave my pic to accompany u.. :)
high point of view..

it was on the floor while we were having our romantic nite walk.. :)
how many hearts r there?___answer :)
this is a really romantic spot.. :)
half way walking the park..
we got a call from jo mum..saying is time to cut the cake..
is ''Pandan Cake''..n is yummy.. :)
Happy 7th Bday Camy..
heart you much!! :)
n after the cake n washing up all the plates fill with cream..
me n jo went out to the park again..
this time we got our self some yummy ''Cupcakes'' n ''Passion fruit''..
n is yea is not any cheap tho..
4 Cupcakes cost us abt RM6..so one is abt RM1++..
n the drink was buy one get one free..
n it isn't cheap ether..
jo jus got trick by the poster..
buy one get one free..
buy one get one free..
buy one get one free..
the reason to why i refer abt she got trick is because..
one drink cost us RM8++..
so u see..buy one get one free..
isn't buy one get one free after all..
one drink still cost us RM4..which is still expansive n totally not worth..
owhwell.. :)
at least we got a free ''Yakult''..xD


9nov..(marching practice)
yea rite..marching practice..
me n shearn was the earliest..
n than follow by 1# james 2# kai boon 3# pei wen 4# kah meng..
James!! if u're not on time the next time i'm gonna punch you in the face..==
n same goes to u Kah Meng..
yes only a few of us attend..but it was kinda ok fun..xP
we were actually messing around..
slacking n listening to random songs coming out from Pei Wen phone..
after James got tired of controlling us monkeys..
we make our way for breakfast at Kim..
n than some random Indian age dude came n ask for the boys help..
to push the car to i donno where..
n they did.. :)
go go go!!
push push push!!
is moving!!
almost there..-O shut up denise!!-.-
everything starts out small.. :)
after breakfast..there we go again..monopoly.. :)
Dog : Pei Wen!!
Car : Me!! :)
Hat : James!!
Horse : Shearn!!
Clock : Kah Meng!!
hey Pei Wen.. :)
Hi again!! xD -i will follow you-(Digi theme song)
James, Me, Shearn.. :) ''why am i alwaz visiting? :)''
James bought ''Mayfair''..WARNING!!
-never go for a visit when his not home''-
u'll hav to pay him 2k..O.O
Shearn came after James..
jus in time!! lucky!!
James make a stop at Bond Street..
translation..James Bond street.. xD
Group Pic..smile everyone.. :)
overall..fun day.. :)

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