17Nov..Gonna Do Smght Useful..

drag myself out of bed around 11a.m this morning..
do my exercise n wiggling my fingers on top of the guitar strings..
den went to grad my lunch..
today is jus like any other day..bored..=/
ok..this time i'm serious abt getting guitar lessons..
jus don noe went to start..i've already found a place..
is at ou..but is only half an hour per class n their is only one class per week..
so mayb i'll look for another place..with a longer class..
to learn n wash time..xP

last nite i went downstairs to get myself supper..
was really hungry tho..
n i saw tis..
n it reminded me dat my sista was holding two apple dat day..
u see wat she did to the apples instant of eating it..xD

one of my dad worker went for a vacation n bought bac some chocolates..
i haven taste one..but it will soon all turns out in my tummy..*evil laugh*
n look their pretty too.. :)
ok that's all..ciao.. :)

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