is 13nov..happy one week babe.. :)

Happy 1 Week Babe.. :)

45683968..much much much..n much.. :)


is 13 of nov..ahh!!
another terrifying day closer to getting my bare hands on those results..
but seriously i don think i'll do well for pmr..=/
owhwell..i guess i jus hav to enjoy while i still can..
n get full prepare for next year..
mayb gonna start ''add maths'' tuition..
not sure when but soon..
ok i realize i've been saying this to alot of people..
but still my hands r not getting any closer to any single book..
but of cause expect my ''lil black dress'' novel.. :)
their one of my important companion for tis super duper long holiday..

*********************************** is also the last day of skol..
is jus funny i use the last day of skol watching
''Jennifer body''
in class through Jen iPhone..xD
honestly the only reason the movie is interesting is because
''Megan fox''
is in it..
but for me overall the movie is ok..
still a wasn't as nice as i tot it would b tho..
so yea..disappointed..owhwell..xp
besides watching the movie..
i cant actually say much abt wat i did in skol..
a lil of monopoly..
a lil of chit chatting..
a lil of walking around skol n totally no idea where i'm actually heading..
n a lil of updating myself abt skol..(rumors)..xP
mayb is Friday thats why time is passing so quickly..
today is de worst last day of skol ever!!
i remember when i was still in form1 or 2..
the last day of skol is always interesting..

o yea..n
all the best to all form5 students!! :)
is next week!! better study up!!
study smart, study hard..
n kick dat straight A's butt.. :)

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