is 5nov to all the..

is 5nov to all the sexy people who is reading this!!^^
gosh!! this also means i'm one day closer to getting my result..O.O
no pls don..i don even wanna know..
sometimes i would rather not know the truth than knowing the truth..
rite? rite? am i rite? tell me i'm rite?
ok..i swear i'm done freaking out..

point form :)
1 # got to really stop typing so many short form..
people is really banging they're heads on the table..
so yea..really gonna cut that out..

2 # really have to stop watching 'how i met yr mother'..
feel really lifeless..jus sitting in front of the computer n glue my butt onto the chair for the whole day..
not good for digestion n that also leads to fats!!
n also not really good for yr eyes..
but....seriously go check it out!! is really really funny..
u'll laugh yr pants out if u understand what they're saying..x)

3 # i am so happy that i finally cut my nails..
yea that also means i cant poke silly anymore..darn!!
but i'm glad i did..i can type so much faster..
but it feels kind the naked tho..''naked finger nails'
shut up denise..that is so lame......==.

4 # o yea went to AAR concert with date..
it was awesome at first..because i was really close to the stage..
(but not as close as joanna & melodie that is close to the stage..==)

i like the DJ..i mean jus look at his set..^^
now u know why i'm piss?==
come on!! just look at the distance!! ==
u cant even see AAR from here..==
ok this is wat happened..
we were rite so call up front..than people behind start pushing..
this is why people get injured!! n i only see st.john on duty..
where is PBSM? ok not gonna bring that up now..
ok back to the point..
i have no idea why n wat r they doing..
so people in front start scolding n pointing fingers..
but the people behind didnt seem to care or even bother to listen..
n they just kept pushing one gal already fell down..
jus in case u're wondering she was crying..hmm..
anyway people in front start to get really piss..
n guess wat they join in the pushing competition too..
how fun izzit rite? making a pancake out off me n daniel..==
talking abt it again jus make me piss..seriously!!
ok after the game really got out of hands..
people who is not participate in the game..
got to go..
people could die rite there if they don move out of the way..
i cant breath..i really cant..n plus i'm..*cough*..short..
so people who is not in the game start climbing up to the VIP/MEDIA stand..
i wouldn't say sit..because there were no sits..
ok shut up denise..==
well, at first i tot we could stand with the VIP's..
but it turns out..
but when AAR finally came out..
they actually bring up me n Daniel hyper-ness again..x)
they were funny them!! ^^
n after the concert me n daniel went to the night market jus outside the parking lot..
n got our self dinner..we haven had a single food in our tammy yet..
it was making noise n complaining..
daniel got himself 'spicy nasi lemak'
n he got me a 'ramly burger'..
n tasteless, disgusting n cold..but didnt realize at that moment..
was really hungry..
than silly came for a quick visit after his Halloween party..

5 # having a new fav now!! x)
-if this isn't love-
from Jennifer Hudson..
is so nice!! i can listening to it all day..>< -two is better than one-
is still on the list tho..x)

6 # i am so desperately needing a 'diary'

7 # shopping list :
collection of 'lil black dress''..
a prefect dress for prom n other occasion..
i'm so getting lining clothes!!yes i noe the model is hot..x)
n her top too!! xP
or the brown one there..
ok!! that does it!! i am so going to PADINI!!

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