22Nov..I see ntg..

ytd was sweaty?
someone turn the main button off..==
n is getting dark out..
wat a moment in my room all alone without it lights..
i could only see the shadow of my fingers..

o pretty.. :P

finally the light is back on.. :)


Dinner at the ''big brother'' with The Family.. :)

the EWW thing is..
i didnt even get to take a bath before i go out for dinner..
it was late n we were all really hungry by the time the lights came back on..

a moment with salt n pepper..
Side Dish..^^

nachos!! it taste so good i tell u!! want a closer look? :)
dad say is really easy to make..
n yes it is.. :)
all u need is : nachos, mayonnaise, cheese, n some spices..
simple easy yummy.. :)

french fries.. :)
is still a pass..
not as finger licking good as the nachos.. :P

main course..^^
chocolate banana smoothies anyone? :)
my chicken chop..is so delicious i tell u!!
the chicken with the gravy n together with the cheese n mash potato..
jus melts in yr mouth when u take a bite..
it just feels like heaven..
is seriously really delicious!! promise u'll go try it.. :)
not just the portion is big..
the knife is big too..O.O..
sry i didnt take a pic of everyone else meal..
everyone was buz eating..
n i was too hungry.. :P
but anyway this is all.. :)
hav a great week ahead everybody.. ^^

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