my shocking 15bday.. :)

yes!! a shocking 15bday i had..
well,all thanks to The Awesomeness's.. :)
Joanna, My Brother, Jie Lin, June, Justin, Johnson, Caleb, Melody, Sophia, n Silly.. :)
Love u guys banyak banyak!! ^^ n much appreciate.. :)
it was jus crazy..suddenly out of no where..
Caleb, Melody, Sophia pop out with a cake..n they all start singing..
ahh!! i don hav de pic all at Joanna camera.. :)
will steal it from her ltr.. :)
but anyway that is not the only surprise they pull out..
but two surprise in a row? am i HAPPY?? a DUH!! :D
ok i should shuddap now..
pic wants to talk.. :)
went there with my brother june n justin..
n meeting up with Joanna n Johnson.. :)

the awesome cousin that make everything happened.. :)
First surprise.. :)
the awesome cake that the awesome people bought.. :)

it looks like cheese but is actually white chocolate.. :)

the awesome Sophia n Melody.. :)

moving on to watching..
it wasn't as awesome as i tot it would b tho..
is just missing something..
twilight is better.. :D

second surprise.. :)
he just suddenly came n sit beside me in the cinema..
was so shock!!
n jo lie to me saying her fren is coming n she was shy to sit beside him..
apalah!! :D
but thanks jo..LOVE YA!! u guy really got me thinking is there more coming? :P
if u haven been to curve..
u hav to go!! their decoration is so pretty!! :)
hehe..silly bought a teddy bear from lovely lace n a box of Ferrero Rocher..
i called that teddy bear Juddy.. :)
i love juddy more den my BF!! XP
bluek.. :P wat u gonna do abt it huh? xP

hehe just joking.. :P now smile.. :)

hehe.. ♥ u.. :)

look!! Juddy met a new fren..her name is missy micey..
that cute lil yellow dooodoll is from june..thanks honey!!i love it.. ^^
hehe..that is all..
it really was an awesome 15bday..
n totally memorable.. :)
it means alot to me..thanks guys..

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