20Nov..i love my lil door stopper.. :)

Mr.cute lil door stopper.. :)


but anyway..good luck once again to all FORM5.. :)
good for u guys!! no more history to b memories..
so wat r u doin? go out n burn that dusty old book!! xD


june june..''The Cousin who live jus 10blocks away''
jus came back from her vacation at Thailand..
n she brought me back a purple elephant.. :)
it suits my study table tho.. :P


went ou with mum n sis ytd.. :)
to get my early present.. :P
n i got myself..
a bag..

two cloths i've been looking for long time ago..*no not de lining T*

a eyeliner..*so need to practice..i aint any good in make up tho..=/*n a pretty long necklace..love it!!*used my own cash*T.T

no.19 people!! :)

don move sweetheart.. :)

prefect.. :)

one more k?
gosh..i look so retreated..O.O
sis looks like she's gonna blush.. :P

look whos being a pussy cat.. :)
got de whole ice cream to yrself..
tsk tsk tsk..
come..give me a bite.. :)
enjoying huh? :)

randomness of de day.. :)
-it just feels so good after finally getting all the things u always wanted to get- :)
ok not all the things..but most of it.. :P
gals jus aint gonna b done with shopping alrite?
we got issues.. :P

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