11nov..butt cramp

i think i jus had a butt cramp..
n is not funny!!
it hurts..

The Great Escape..
pikapu..i see u.. :)
u noe u're not suppose to b in the house..
but who cares!! mum is not home..xD
*holding Weiser face n let his eyes stare bac at mine den smile n say*
(lets jus keep this between us alrite?)
yup!! i jus let Weiser run around the house like he use to..
the only reason his outside now days is bcause of my baby sista..
aww..T.T i really miss it when his around..T.T
n by the time mum comes back..his out again..T.T


i so need a hair cut again!!><
mayb gonna cut like ''lily''..
wat do u think?
*wondering n imaging away*
my brother went for a hair cut today..
my mum didnt ask me to follow along..
is so clear to me that my mum love my new hair cut..
the only reason is because i don look dat age..
owhwell, i guess i'm struck with it now..

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