is 15nov..n is all abt FOOD!!ok not really but still.. :)

well,technically i've already blog abt 13 of nov..
but i left out the canteen food part..
i noe!!
how dare ''I''..
is food..n everybody Love's food..
because we live with it..
ok i'll shut up now..
here's the pic.. :)
one of my frens bought ''Tuna'' to skol..
nope..she's not eating it..
she's actually giving out her breakfast.. xP

n this is my breakfast on the last day of skol..
''garlic bread'' with ''white sours''..
wait..why did i even took two spoon at the first place?

no!!this is not food..but is i don noe who's guitar..
Jen borrow it n bring it to class..
!OK! first eye check test!!
wat is so usual abt tis guitar? -.O
n no this is not food ether..
is Jen iPhone..envy-nya..T.T
was watching ''Jennifer Body''.. :)

Jen..drinking from his Phone?O.o?


14Nov.. pit stop..
last nite dinner with ''The Family''..
my family n i wen to ''Ikano'' & ''The Curve'' for dinner n do some shopping mayb..?
it was actually only me baby sis dad n mum..
bro went to his fren bday party..
anyway we had dinner in ''The Curve'' at ''The Apartment''..
is a nice was great too.. :)

wan to take a look at the kids menu..? is a smart idea..
after picking wat they decided to eat..
kids can also color on their menu.. :)

passion fruit.. :) is so tasty..

a glass of ''Passion Fruit'' aint anything without its flavor.. :)

if i'm not mistaken this is called..
''Chicken & Mushroom Pasta''..
well,i made a wrong decision for choosing this dish last nite..
is really delicious..but is spicy..(for me)xP
no..i'm not good at eating spicy food..

dad ''Chicken smtgh smtgh''
sry my memories for the name of this dish isnt coming bac.. yummy.. :P

mum ''Fish n Chips''..
well,since the dish i ordered is spicy..
mum exchange hers with mine..
n plus she's really good with spicy food..n i mean really good..

sis was so cute.. :)
it looks like she's pointing at my mum..xD

no..look here Desiree.. :)

Prefect Shot.. :)

my weird not long but yet not short hair..-.-
gonna let it long again..hmm..

thanks alot dadi!!much appreciate..^^

no.71 people.. :)

the baby green.. :)

is finger licking good.. :)

finger licking no.2.. :)

the bun is soft is totally the best i had.. :)

i got bored after stuffing all the Delicious food in my mouth..
so i borrowed mum pen n start drawing random stuff on the tissue..
hehe..eye check no.2..wat do u see? :)


JusMeNMyRandomness.. :)

random no.1..
i found this ordinary bar of ''Mars'' chocolate..
as u can see the bar of ''Mars'' chocolate had been Fried..O.O
wonder how would it taste like..hmm..i noe it look disgusting..but..
i'm a ''Mars'' fan ok!!xP

random no.2.. :)
i've been eating green apple lately..
so i think this perfume would taste pretty delicious.. :P

random no.3.. :)
i hav no idea wats wrong with me this year..
but i've been forgetting my bday for the third time..xP
wat a Bimbo..owhwell.. :)

random no.4.. :)
my feelings for crab..
had already long gone..
i guess i'm jus not dat in to it like i used too..=/

random no.5.. :)
i got to hav more self control!!
i need to exercise n slp early every nite..
pimples n eye bags is really killing me..
i'm jus in the process of dying..T.T

random no.6.. :)
ok ok!! i got to start add maths tuition like asap!!
erm..mayb i'll give myself a lil more holidays..xP
OooOooOoo..shut up denise!!==

random no.7.. :)
is going to bed now.. :)
nite humans..
had a great week ahead.. :)

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