25nov..pls rain!! ><

the weather is getting so hot over here!!
gosh!!no didn't wanna turn on the air-conditional..
Global Warming will just get worst..-.-
my eye balls is even feeling hot..
maybe is from my pandai-ness of only 2hours sleep last nite..
no i'm not complaining.. :P
if this really do happens..
which part of the world would u rather b?

just came back from ou with mum n sis..
went after camp meeting with the form4's..
it was alrite.. :)

btw i went to the dentist ytd..
is black n dark blue now.. :)
n loving it!! ^^
hmm, i wonder whats next? :)
anyway before my braces got change of cloths..
i was looking through the news paper..
n i just wanna share something which i found interesting in..
with those people who never goes near the news paper.. :P
any idea what in the world is this? :)
gave up yet? :P
haha..this is actually a octopus from a place called Norway..
they called it Dumbo.. :) i noe wat a cute name rite?
haha..but it kind the looks like the octopus got ears or something..
so i guess that makes it cute too.. xD
if u're free n got ntg better to do..go Google it.. :)
if u do u will spot one which actually looks like the cartoon version of Dumbo..
u noe the cute elephant that fly's when u watch it when u're young? :)
but do come whisper in my ears if u still watch it..
ntg embarrassing..i agree it was a classic n emotional movie.. :)

i'm sure this dude over here has been hanging out alot around gals world recently.. :)
n plus New Moon is out already!! :)
maybe gonna watch it with Ms. jo on my bday.. :)
ahh..cant wait!!
n i just realize if i really do watch New Moon on my bday this year..
den i've been watching Vampire movies on the day i go older for two years straight.. xD
because i remember clearly i watched Twilight last year.. xD
not really a big fan tho..
but still love it..if u get wat i mean.. :P
haha..xD actually i took this pic is just because of the title n ''only look hot in the movie'' Edward.. :P
scary but sexy..
scary but sexy..
scary but sexy..


i'm feeling tired now..
but really don feel like taking a nap.. =/
hmm,will reconsider that ltr..
anyway this is all.. :)
have a great week ahead everybody.. :)

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