04.12.09..getting rusty.. xP

feel like is been years since i last update my blog..
n feeling kinda rusty..
well, at least i have a title to blog abt.. XP
anyway..first thing first..
i think i'm starting to get Gothic..
no..i'm not changing my style..or my life style..
jus a corner of my mind thinks Gothic is somehow getting somewhere..
i mean i think the gals/guys looks kinda..Good? xP
but seriously!! look at their make up..n costume..
it look awesome(to me)..
haha..ok..here is some pic of them..n is also de few i pick out as highlights..
this was the first Gothic pic i've since..wat ca think? :)

shes beautiful..

ok this looks abit lala..but..it has a meaning to leaving me alone
or a really sad soul..
or a broken/soul mayb? =D

i only like de tat.. xD

ok i'm done Gothic-ing..
gonna make way for some real post.. xP


o yea did i mention i had western for 2-3 weeks straight..
n i can really get use to it..
Love Western!! ^^
if u're a fan like me as well..
u should really go try out Station1..is a really nice place to chill n pick yr meals..
portion is not dat big or small ether..
is a promise to a happy tummy.. :)


Weiser had his bath that day..
n was manja-ing all the way..giving me his puppy eye..
couldn't seem to resist when he does that..
so i jus lay him back..n give him a back massage.. xD
n took a few pic.. :)
don mind my foot.. xP
didnt wan his head to touch the ground tho..=/

haha..u act cute ah..xP (pikabu)

sry wat a blur pic..but he still looks cute.. :) love u sweetheart..


that day asl meeting for orientation n leadership camp..
only James, kai n me make it..
but there was so many crazy LOLX..
but before i get to that..just look at the sunrise.. :)
snap snap..

was on my way to mcd..n it caughted my eye..
was trying to draw the knight..n it turns out like this..
wat!!i'm not any good at drawing alrite.. xP
but i already drew one last nite..
hope it will be the one that turns out on orientation..=P
after mcd..we went to Starbucks to borrow their wifi..
well, of cause if u wanna use their wifi..u have to get a drink or something..
so at first James TOT three of us will b sharing a drink..as in three of us will pay as well..
n because of that he hand me the $$ to get the drink..
den he n kai went upstairs..wat gentlemen..leaving me alone downstairs to get the drink..
owhwell..i'm tough!! XP
ok..when i got hold of the drink..i make my way upstairs to look for them..
hand James HIS drink..
after he got hold of his drink he start asking for ''the share''..

we told him we aren't sharing the drink with him..
he got insane n start asking me n kai to pay him bac..get the pic?
n one more thing..i was using the laptop to search for some logo..
this porn website suddenly pop out..
n both of those monkeys start laughing their butts out..==


gosh!!James n kai had a really good laugh..bully je..T.T
anyway i'm going to YOUTH CAMP next week!! :)
is gonna be awesome..i guess.. xP
will b away for a few days..so mayb this is gonna be my last post till i return from camp.. xD
ok i'm just gonna end this post with this cute pic i just found online.. :)
haha..have a great week ahead everybody.. :)

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