the LOL DER ABC Camp..n loadssss moreeeee.. :)

i'm so sry!!wat i meant on my post yesterday was today actually.. :P
forgive me? :) i noe u would..ok..moving on..^^


youth camp 2009.. :)

i came back from camp for like almost a month n i haven upload a single thing abit it..
ok this is what u need to know..
the camp was erm,erm,erm,
how can i say it?
AWESOME!! n it was the boom baby!! xD
yup yup yup!! the LOL DER ABC camp..
u see..
LOL : Live Out Loud(camp theme)
DER : Dusun Eco Resort(the place)
ABC : Adventure Boot Camp..(sort of like a army camp) :)
cool rite?i noe!! ^^
i had so much fun..n i've learn so much!!
credit to all the
ALPHA members.. :)
Sargent : Bobo..
Corporal : Isaac..

Private : Christopher..a.k.a..Chan Chan.. x)
Private : Wee Chung..a.k.a..Wee Wee.. x)
Private : Lyn..a.k.a..Lyn Lyn.. x)
Private : Rachel Lum..a.k.a..Lum Lum.. x)
i'm so proud of my group!!
n i love everyone of them!!
we're so cooperative..n together..u noe wat i mean? :)
n we start of being the last group bass on our scores..
n at the end of the day..we got Second Place..
it was just shocky..^^
but what so ever..we're all winner.. :)

well,overall everything was just fantastic..

had loads of fun.. :)


i was actually only half way typing this post..

n stop to continues tmr..

then i went to check on other peoples blog..

n randomly..i got the feeling to blog again..

so here i am..^^ n is already 2:30am..

n feeling funny..hungry a lil..dizzy-ness in the head..

n wanting to finish all the Christmas card on time!!

o guess wat? i'm panicking for the results that is coming out this week..

i'm so not ready!!i want more holiday!!DUH!!who wont wan it..

well,technically feels really empty not going for a long vacation on a super long holiday like after pmr..u'll have like 3months of nothing to do but slack around n lay around like a lazy fat cat holiday..

which starts of really boring n always wonder when will skol reopen..

but when is close to skol reopen..u'll turn back n miss holiday..

i guess i'm just really use to slacking around the house..

doing nothing..n spending my time like a grandma..

everything will be done slowly..

or maybe is just me that is missing holidays..owhwell.. :)

n i have totally no idea why the gap so big between one sentence n the other..

silly me.. :P

ok moving on to my post..i have so much to blog about..

n pic to share..^^

u noe wat?i realize every single day passes..there will be a moment of me and my future SLR..i'm really in to photography now days..n it will always b!!i just love it.. :)

it must be the addiction from camp!! Sophia SLR..

in camp i was holding her SLR like a professional..haha..acting je..

haha..syok sendiri-ing also..

but i did take pic of the skyline at DUR(Dusun Eco Resort a.k.a camp site)..n it looks really awesome.. :)

n some other actually not as hard as i tot it will use it..
one single touch of it..n i'm already falling in love.. :)
o look no more gap all of the sudden..
funny..n weird..==.
owhwell, which ever..i wan a SLR badly..
n a laptop to come in handy.. :)
i'm so greedy.. xP
haha..ok..when skol reopens..i'm gonna start saving money hard core style!! :)
o yea..i got one ques that i've been thinking about alot..
next year as everybody in the world knows is 2010..rite?
n people usually write the date like..
example : 27.11.09
but next year it will be 10 at the end..which looks like this..
example : 27.11.10
doesn't it seem weird to u?
ok maybe is just me again..owhwell.. :)
where was i?


well,in camp..i guess the only thing i hate about it is that..
i have to force to sleep eat live everything with BUGS!!
which i am must phobia from!!
i hate just gross..


wow..was just editing the pic..
n took a quick glance at the clock..
is 4:10am already..
is getting early..n i guess i should go n hit the sheets now..
nits.. :)
will continue don forget to stay tune.. :)

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