i think i'm in love.. :)

First i wanna tell a special someone..
Happy One Month Babe.. u much.. :)


n secondly..
i think i'm in love..no.. :)
not with u..
but with this..
view this!! is one of my blog post..
i said i wanted to see a heart shaped cloud like this one day..
n guess wat!!!!!!! i did!!!!!!! the pic on the right!!!!!!!!
i took it!!!!!!!!!! yes!!!!!!!!!! me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yay!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy now!!!!!!
i noe is not as nice as the left one but still..
u can still see the heart shape rite? ok i'm carzy.....
but i'm just really happy!!! ^^
that i get to see it with my own eyes..n snap a pic of it!!!!!!
yay me!!!!! ^^
ok..i was actually in the car..waiting for my parents..
den when i look outside the window..
there it is!! :)
haha..this is totally my fav!!!!!!! ^^
hehe..i have more to show u..
was in de car on my way to my cousin wedding.. :)
u make the sun come out.. o boy..u're my baby baby baby baby love.....^^
sound familiar?

but anyway..really happy for my cousin brother..
when i was sitting quitly at his wedding dinner..
is just funny that i'm there..
maybe is because when we were all still really young..
i remember me my brother n him..
use to hang out alot..jus sit around..n random topic starts to pop.. :)
i miss those time with him..
n now his married..times really do flys..
not sometime!! all the time..
cant believe i'm gonna b 16next year!!
is not a bad thing to grow up but it sure scares u sometimes..
having all the pressure on responsibility..
haha..u never noe..the next morning u woke up getting married yrself.. xD
ok..here is some pic i took that night/day.. ^^
dinner..i tell u ah!!
the place is so freaky!!n only me n my mum went dat nite..
the carpark!! the mall!! is so old!! n just EWW..
ok..jo say is called Bintang?
ok wtv is freaky..don go der..u'll hav nitemare at nite..


but this is cool..^^

wanna sing with me?
Nah.. :D

his dad is an amazing singer..
so that nite someone actually sign up for him to go sing a song..
how cute..look at his reaction..^^
(weird grandma speaking)
look at him all grown up.. :D
he looks good tho..handsome..DUH!! is his wedding..==.

mum thinks she's feeding a pig..==.
look!!nearly half of the fish!!

o yea!! do u noe everytime someone gets married..
they have this long red firecracker thingy..
ok so..at first this dog was barking like nobody business..
n when the firecracker was done with its awfully loud singing..
everyone felt a sudden silent..
so we look over to the dog..
n he was shaking!! xD
it was so funny!! everyone was LOLX-ing.. xD
but wtv it is..is a loyal dog..^^

well,we were all eating out..
no diff as picnic..^^
it was really nice n windy with all the tall trees standing by..^^
n is so much better den eating under the red cover thingy..
sry no idea wat izzit called.. :P


n one more thing!! YOUTH CAMP is just around the corner!!
i cant wait to see everyone in church!!
miss them so much!!
o yea!!n the camp is called..
LOL = Live Out Loud..^^
i cant wait!! i'm actually using joanna mum laptop..
i was here since last nite..n gonna follow her car to chruch this wed.. :)
n back home this sunday..
haha..just glad i'm not home for one whole week..
is such a waste of time staying at home with nothing to do..
but just surf the net eat n slp..==
u'll feel seriouly really lifeless..
but not anymore for me!!
so gonna enjoy this one week!! :)
n will be updating loads more after i return from camp.. :)
so don ciu readers go away..
n stay ton for more..^^


haha..random pic of the day..(my contact lense case) xP
someone told me it look like donuts.. :)
anyway..this is all..
have a awesome n great week ahead eveybody.. :)

i love joanna oon shu mei :)

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