is been long..seen my latest update..
erm,lets see..
i'll just make everything in point form..
sry!! i'm feeling so tired..forgive me k? xP

1# Merry Christmas EVERYBODY!! :)
man!! i love Christmas..hav i mention dat?
well,is not just because i get to see all my darlings in church n my baby boi.. :)
but Christmas is my fav holiday compare to all the other hols.. :)
is really not because of the present..
maybe is just me..love all the songs..the feeling..is just
the EVERYTHING!! abt Christmas.. :)
n this year..i celebrated my Christmas just awesomely fine..

2# i finally got myself a new diary.. :)

3# so gonna get myself a cd full of Christmas song!!
even Christmas is over.. xP

4# so not happy with my result..T.T

5# feel like watching 'fever pitch'
i'll do dat later.. :)

6# feeling really useless n depress bcoz bii is sick..T.T

7# glad that i finished making my Christmas card on time..
n glad that they liked it.. :)

8# is going Singapore when skol starts..
how weird..O.O
but cant wait to spend all that money in my dadi pocket.. xP

9# is having a really sexy voice now..
translation sore throat

10# i hate MEEBO!! still prefer the original msn..
gonna try ebuddy..

11# watched
a) Alvin N The Chipmunks
b) Princess N The Frog
rate :
a) 9
b) 10
a) very funny..n totally cute..
b) funny as well..n touching in the end..n the firefly is so very cute!! :)
great story line..n no!!is not kiddy..at all..

12# oops..hold on for awhile..
gonna go light up the candle for dadi bday cake.. :)
Happy Birthday Dadi!! :)
I Love U.. ^^

13# ok back..yummy cake..
me kor kor n lil sis brought Baskin Robbins ice cream cake for dadi..

14# just remember i haven finish my add maths n bm tuition hw.. xP

15# gonna really miss holiday when skol reopen..

16# ok gtg now..kor kor wanna use the com..==.
kacau..but wtv..is his com..
ugh!! when is my com gonna b fix!!

17# ending with a 17 looks n sounds so much better.. xP
alrite..will update more tmr if i get to touch the com.. :)
have a great week ahead everybody..
n merry belated Christmas..^^