time will make it better.. :)

aww!! i'm so sry..
my blog seem so dead now days..
ok..will try to make it alive again..
anyway,is 2.31am already!!
n i promise my eyes to slp early everynite for the sake of those bags..
owhwell.. =/
i'm still picnik-ing..is getting addictive..no idea why..
my head is spinning again..calling out for more blood!!
lately..so many things is happening around me..
n some r really really awesome n memorable..
n some r those that u just goes to bed everynite n think to yrself..
wishing that day wouldn't come..n try all yr best to stay strong n make it through..
well, bad times sure is slow walking..
n the good ones just flowing by like the water falls every sec..
i guess i'll jus update a REAL post tmr..
i'm too tired to think..
n the pic r still in process.. :)
got lots to show u..
pic pic pic.. :) is so easy to blog with them hanging around.. :)
nites earth.. ^^

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